About Rebendo

Since 2001, we at Rebendo have helped companies with ICT* Performance Management, in applications and infrastructure.

We are a Swedish specialist company with a product and service portfolio that maximizes, quality assures and measures the performance of the central ICT systems. Customers include transaction-intensive companies and organizations with business-critical operations, both in business and in the public sector.

With cutting-edge expertise and powerful tools, we help ICT organizations take total control of their ICT environment and the end product. It means that we in every moment can create a picture of how your ICT environment is configured and how it actually performs. Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to improve the ICT organization’s ability to deliver a product that meets and exceeds expectations, today and in the future. We are all ITIL certified.

The most common cause of performance problems is the lack of visibility and control over the entire application environment. Many businesses struggle with recurring incidents and performance problems like downtime, slow response times and low availability of applications.

Our service Performance Managed Services helps you monitor and optimize your entire application environment so you can focus on running your core business.

Rebendo is Sweden’s leading specialist in the optimization and quality assurance of complex IT environments within data, video and tele-communications. Since more than 15 years, we have increased efficiency and reduced risks for companies and organizations.

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